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Touching lives of people
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been making meaningful contributions to Society in different areas. CSR activities at Raychem RPG extend well beyond its business objectives andconcerns for the society are evident from various initiatives taken in different fields. Raychem RPG’s CSR objective is reiterated through one of its core values, "To protect the environment and contribute to society around us".
Raychem RPG defines Corporate Social Responsibility as creating positive impact on society in its own unique way. The underprivileged in peripheral community is our key focus to help them become financially independent and self–reliant. Over the past several years, it has touched lives of people directly orindirectly and seeks to foster corporate citizenship bycontributing towards sustainable development ofvariousstakeholders.
Raychem RPG plays an active role in community development, serving rural communities around its manufacturing locations.
President’s Message :
"At Raychem RPG, we are always conscious about our efforts beyond stakeholders, customers, and employees to include the community and environment. To us Corporate Social Responsibility is a way of life. We believe in and strive towards making a genuine contribution to society. It is heartfelt, honest and is driven with an ardent zeal.

Our commitment to corporate social responsibility is integral to our core values and our philosophy. We recognize that sustainable social vitality is crucial to our corporate growth and survival, and thus with passion we work towards maximizing our contribution to the cause of social up-liftment. Through SPARSH our constant endeavor is to innovate, reach out and passionately work towards the betterment of the society. We also encourage all members to participate in various social activities to build a better rural India and regard it as beneficial for the community as well as individual personal development."
Ramani Kasi President,
Raychem RPG