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Sustainability & EHS
Raychem RPG’s long-range goals for environmental, health and safety (EHS) are embodied in the three EHS principles:
Prevent all injuries at workplace
Be an environmental, health and safety leader in our communities and industry
Reduce environmental footprints of products, processes and operations
We also develop goals for EHS improvement and measure our performance against established goals. .
Zero discharge of process and domestic effluent
Reduce generation of hazardous waste generation
Reduce energy consumption per piece production
Achieve engineering and design milestones to ensure products are manufactured
  with minimum use of energy
Zero reportable incidents and ill health
EHS Performance Data
Raychem RPG strives for continuous improvement and reducing environmental footprints in both, operations and products. The Performance Indicators are given below.
Water Conservation trend
Energy Conservation trend & Carbon foot print
Hazardous waste generation trend
Rain Water Harvesting
Green manure generation trend
FR & SR Value
Air Monitoring report
Waste water monitoring report
Noise Monitoring Report
Illumination report
RRL Sustainability Policy
RRL Sustainability Policy