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Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) - Sustainability
Today, business is being constantly challenged on sustainability issues like climate change, natural resource depletion, stakeholder accountability, corporate governance etc. The need is to convert these risks into opportunities and business is the driver to win over the existing case.
Raychem RPG strives towards sustainable business i.e. business not just based on financial performance, but with a broader set of development goals. Raychem RPG conducts its business in accordance with the concept of “triple bottom line” focusing equally on economic, social and environment aspects of sustainability.
Raychem RPG believes in manufacturing high quality products with minimum impact on the environment and keeping in mind the requirement of valued customers. While manufacturing products, we emphasize on resource conservation, quality assurance, energy efficiently, reducing pollution and health & safety of employees and community where we operate.
The Company believes in Inclusive growth i.e. growth of the key stakeholders along with the Company and encourages transparency, accountability and good governance practices across all facets of business. The Company has adopted integrated policy on Environment, Occupational Health & Safety.
The company’s EHS performance is regularly audited both through internal audits and Third party external audits, as per need.
Resource Conservation
Raychem RPG is committed for the planned management of natural resources to optimize the utilization, efficient usage, reuse, and recycling of resources. JIL aims to use resources sustainably - more efficiently and with minimum impact to the environment and human health. The Company’s conservation strategy on usage of resources enables direct economical benefits like direct cost savings and also benefits the environment by reducing air emissions, effluent & waste minimization and mitigating climate change.
The Company endeavours to minimise the energy consumed and wastes generated at all production stages, from raw material procurement through the lifecycle of the product right up to the final disposal.
Raychem RPG understands business risks and opportunities relating to water scarcity and is committed to promote responsible water management. We acknowledged the fundamental need for more detailed work on water conservation, efficiency and productivity. The strategy adopted by Raychem RPG is to use water efficiently, recycle and reuse wherever possible, explore options where water consumption can be reduced, use of latest technology to treat the effluent and maintaining the status of zero effluent discharge.
Climate Change and Energy Conservation
Climate change poses a major threat to the business as well. Through decisions to invest in researching and implementing new energy technology and energy efficiency measures, business plays an important role in mitigating climate change. Raychem RPG is committed to address the challenges of climate change through deployment of energy efficient technologies, product responsibility and sustainable use of resources
ENCON - Committee formed for identify Energy Conservation Project.
Air Emissions
Raychem RPG considers clean air as an asset and continues to enhance the technology and upgrade processes to reduce its impact on the quality of air. Raychem RPG has installed adequate treatment facilities to ensure necessary compliance. Regular monitoring of all stacks is being done by third party for the concentration of pollutants being released into the atmosphere.
Effluent Management
Effluent management is on high priority for the Company to reduce its ecological impact. We have been encouraging and following innovative and efficient ways to reduce the effluent.
Full-fledged ETP/STP Plant installed.
Waste Management
The company generates very low quantity of hazardous waste from its operations and follows methodologies to reuse the waste generated in the plants,. The Hazardous waste that is not being treated / utilized at the Unit is sent to the vendors authorized by the State Pollution Control Boards.
Raychem RPG approach adopted to handle various aspects of safety includes
Identification of hazards and assessment of risk involved in various activities carried out at product development stage as well as in the plant.
Comprehend and in-plant necessary safety measures at the design stage itself.
Develop and implement effective systems such as work permits, mock drills, system of reporting incidents, identifying the root cause of the same and built in preventive measures etc.
Fire being a major hazards in all its operations, an elaborate fire fighting system is installed comprising alarm systems, manual call points, smoke sensor, pressurized fire hydrant system, and well trained human resource to handle emergencies
´On site emergency´ plan which is updated regularly, training imparted, mock drills organized to fine tune the emergency plans.
Carrying out HIRA studies, developing safety data sheets, selection of suitable material of construction, developing standard operating procedures, carrying out hazardous area classification are some of the methods adopted to handle safety aspects of company’s operations.
Safety training is imparted to both employees as well as contract workers regularly.
Raychem RPG approach towards safety management is based on the mix of Lag and Lead indicators. In terms of Lag indicators, employees are involved in reporting the near misses.
Occupational Health Approach
All employees as a part of their annual Health Checkups are examined. During the examination they are counseled on communicable & non-communicable disease control, balanced diet, healthy heart & first aid. If any deviation is noticed in their medical records, specialist advice is sought & necessary treatment is given. An annual medical surveillance plan of such employees is maintained & they are followed up with necessary lifestyle modification measures, if required. In addition, we are also carrying out identification of various factors adversely affecting working environment and impacting the health of workers for necessary corrective action.