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Jeevan is an integrated community development project focusing on improving all-round quality of life in the areas of clean drinking water, overall health and nutrition based interventions, amongst others.

Sanitation Initiation at Raychem Halol: 18 Household toilets and 6 school toilets constructed under project Jeevan as part of Swachha Bharat Abhiyan at Patiayana Muvada village at Halol.
Nutrition Support:
Raychem RPG provides supplementary nutrition to 120 students from ZillaParishad Schools near their plants. This program aims at providing nutritional supplement in addition to midday meals to school childrenthat not only encourages them to attend school but helps in overcoming malnourishment and opportunity of getting educated.
Educational support to GirlChild
Encouraging girl child education and building gender equality among communities is one of the challenges of our society. Our intervention to this growing issue includes providing material support to first generation girl child learners from communities which are educationally and economically backward. The major component of the project is to provide academic and social support to girl child to continue education and to meet challenges of modern era educational setup. Through this planned intervention, Raychem RPG has been able to reduce the dropouts of girls, prevent child marriages and promote higher education for girls.
Installation of Water Purifier
The ZillaParishad schools have no access to clean and safe drinking water. Water coolers with Reverse Osmosis system are installed in schools. Water borne illness has reduced significantly and improved school attendance.
Construction of Drainage
During monsoons, villages get flooded due to the open and dirty drainage, leading to health hazards and illness. Drainage with the concrete pipes have been constructed which has helped the villages stay healthy and free from water borne diseases.