My Expectations From Intersec 2018! – Mr. P. S. Sankara Raman
Intersec 2018 to be held at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center from 21st January to 23rd January seems to be even more exciting and promising this time around given the fact that there will be over 1300 exhibitors showcasing some of the most innovative safety and security solutions. The event will be attended by a set of leaders of the industry and …
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The What’s and Why’s of Personal Protection Equipment – FAQs On Electrical Insulation Mats
The US Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration reported that the 3rd leading cause of private sector worker deaths in the US was “Electrocution”, responsible for 8.6% of all deaths. Each year, the number of accidents that happen on the job seems to be rising. It is sad, but true, that many of …
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Women Power – Gender Diversity Rules At Raychem RPG!
Nearly 47% of all undergraduate students in India and nearly 41% of all Ph.D. students in India are women. Despite this representation, women are woefully underrepresented in the workforce. In 2015-16, only 16% of all urban workers were women. (Source: Catalyst) …
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Exploring the Renewable Energy Sector: Part-II – Solar Energy
According to reports, globally the solar power capacity stood at 305GW in 2016, an increase from approximately 50GW in 2010. This growth is due to nations across the globe becoming more sensitive to climate change. With no worries of fuel costs, , risks of spikes in these fuel costs, and no contribution to global warming, solar energy …
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Exploring the Renewable Energy Sector Part-I: Windmills
The renewable energy market is growing at lightning speed (now that’s some renewable energy right there!). The industry has already exceeded its 2020 targets. Reports show the industry is four years ahead of its time, already! The world wants to move away from fossil fuels and the only way forward is to cash in on the solar and wind power. The significant growth and …
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Sub-Zero Application -Heavy Duty Cable Tie- How We Resolved The Challenge!
Did you know that the lowest possible temperature at which life can survive on earth is -20 degrees Celsius? Now, imagine places on earth where the temperature drops down to as low as -70 degrees Celsius. These conditions are some of the harshest known to mankind, and even though places like these may not be inhabitable by us mortal, carbon-based life forms, they play an …
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Electrical Insulation Mats – An Essential In Every Workplace
Where there is electricity, there is the paramount need to ensure the safety of the employees working in that environment. In many locations like factories, there is grave risk associated with injuries due to the presence of high voltage electrical equipment and cables. The seriousness of the issue is apparent …
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Appreciation – The Key To Happiness At The Workplace
Did you know, a study by Cicero Group found that 50 percent of employees believed that managers who thanked their employees helped build trust and improve relationships? This is true even with managers in higher position. Positive vibes are important, great workplaces want to generate them and spread them everywhere …
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Does your lightning protection system comply with BS EN 62305?
Did you know that 12.8% of all fatalities due to natural disasters in India in 2014 were due to lightning strikes, i.e. over 2500 deaths? The facts are similar in other parts of the world too. In 2016 State Farm Insurance reckoned that of the insurance claims they handled in the space there were over 109,000 due to lightning …
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What Makes a Company a Great Place to Work ? 5 Things to Look For
“You can’t do a good job, if your job is all you do.”-Katie Thurmes, Artifact Uprising, Co-founder These days work and life has become closely intertwined, and that’s the reason why the place you work matters so much. Your life at work instantly impacts both your personal and professional world. Hence, when you want to start a new life with a new company, you want …
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Selamat Tinggal Indonesia – Thank You For All The EPRE 2017 Memories!
What if someone told you that there was an event specifically targeted at the Electric, Power, and Renewable Energy industry that had attracted over 20000 visitors from 51 countries? What if that event was in Indonesia, one of the fastest growing economies in the world, poised for even greater explosive growth? For us, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to get the word out about …
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Material Matters – How to choose what your enclosure should be made of ?
Selecting the right material to protect enclosures has become a complex task with several new materials developed over the span of the past five decades. How can electrical control designers and panel builders make sure that the material they select not only ensures the safety of the electrical equipment but also helps in meeting the product’s performance goal? Especially since …
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What Factors Should Go Into Your Choice of Cable Glands?
So, you probably know that Cable Glands are mechanical cable entry devices that are designed to attach and secure the end of an electric cable to a Junction Box / Enclosure. You may also be aware that Cable Glands aim to provide earthing, grounding, insulation, bonding, and strain relief. A bit of reflection will remind you that they can be used on all types of cables such as electrical …
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