AC / DC HT Line Interference Mitigation

Raychem RPG is an established leader in corrosion control with unparalleled experience in AC detection and mitigation.
With experience of protecting thousands of miles of pipeline and ancillary facilities, Raychem RPG has confidently handled AC interference issues ranging from one pipeline and one power line in a simple cross-country setting, to multiple pipelines and multiple power lines in congested urban corridors.
It is increasingly common for a new pipeline to be constructed in existing high voltage overhead power line right-of-way and for new power lines to be placed near an existing pipeline. When underground metallic pipeline is in close proximity to high voltage power transmission lines, an electromagnetic field is created by the alternating current (AC). AC interference can result in severe corrosion of the pipeline. In certain instances, AC- interference corrosion is detected in less than four years after the pipeline is put into operation.
Inductive AC is caused by interaction between buried pipeline and alternating magnetic fields generated by the flow of AC current in overhead power lines where the pipeline shares a common right-of-way with one or more overhead power lines. When a buried pipeline is parallel or crosses over high voltage overhead transmission power line (HVTL), the flow of alternating current in power line generates an alternating magnetic field in air and soil surrounding the power lines.
Raychem RPG has taken a lead position in developing industry standards and evaluation procedures in AC mitigation. As a total solutions provider, we have the capability to meet AC safety and corrosion control needs.
We design and install interference mitigation system for rectification of such problems.