The Government of India has proposed to construct underground rock cavern storage of crude oil at Mangalore. This storage will be used as strategic reserves for the country during emergencies/disruption of supplies. This project is very special kind construction and requires very special skills.
The Government of India has set up a Special Purpose Vehicle-Indian Strategic Petroleum Reserves Limited (ISPRL). Engineers India Limited is appointed as the Project Management Consultants for the project.
Raychem RPG is working on the project as turnkey contractor for Cathodic Protection System for the pipelines. The Pipelines are vertically erected upto depth of 86 m below ground level. Pipeline is exposed to various conditions of water, crude oil and concrete, requiring Cathodic Protection for Internal as well as external surface of the pipelines. Also Cathodic Protection has been provided to concrete structures, pipe supports in the project. Sacrificial Anode and Impressed Current both type of Cathodic protection has been provided depending on the conditions.
The project is one of its kind and requires special skills and experience to execute it.