CP for Internal Surface | Zinc Aluminum Anode

To protect internal surface of tanks, pipelines, vessels, equipment etc. Raychem RPG provides cathodic protection for internal surface of structures.
Coating is used as a primary defense against corrosion on the internal surfaces of the structures. Coating systems, however, are less than perfect and they degrade over time.
Cathodic protection is the best technology to supplement coating and protect structure at holidays.
There are two basic types of cathodic protection systems for Internal CP – the first type is the galvanic system, which relies on anodes made from metals that are inherently more electronegative than steel. Zinc and Aluminum are common anode materials used in water storage tanks. The second type is an impressed current system where longer-lasting Zinc Aluminum anode materials can be used in conjunction with an external power supply, or rectifier, which converts AC power to DC current.