CP for Plant Piping

Cathodic protection is fundamental to preserving a pipeline’s integrity. Cathodic protection is a method of corrosion control that is achieved by supplying an external direct current that neutralizes the natural corrosion current arising on the pipeline at coating defects.
Raychem RPG has expertise of providing CP for Plant Piping to any kind of plant piping network. In addition to cathodic protection by tubular anodes we also provide cathodic protection using Long Line flexible Polymer anode. We also take care of incidental structure, interference and stray current for the system.
cathodic protection methods is required to maintain the integrity of a buried pipeline system and coatings. As a buried pipeline is subjected to corrosive attack being in contact with soil, coating of the pipeline starts deteriorating. Since no coating system is defect free, cathodic protection is necessary to provide supplementary protection.