CP for RCC and Marine Structures

RCC Structures are constructed with long term expectations, but with time and attack of corrosion agents, reinforcement bars start corroding, subsequently reducing the strength and stability of structures, requiring additional rehabilitation cost.
Corrosion of steel in concrete is one of the major reasons for collapse of marine structures much before their useful life is over, especially in marine environment and coastal areas, due to presence of salt. Repeated repairs of damaged concrete will not solve the purpose because the cause of corrosion is not eliminated.
Understanding corrosion to be a major problem for RCC structures, causing heavy rehabilitation costs and loss of operational time.
Since decades, CP has emerged as a one-time, long term solution to the problem of corrosion of RCC Structures. It also repels salts away from the structure and maintains alkaline environment at the steel surface, removing all causes of corrosion from its root.
Raychem RPG has vast experience of executing jobs for underground RCC structures, as well as, atmospherically exposed RCC Structures. We also have experience in providing CP to Jetties, Piles, etc. in marine environment.We provide CP Services for rehabilitation of marine RCC structures.
The deteriorated structures are cathodically protected at the time of rehabilitation. CP System could be designed for corrosion protection of structure for the 50 years.
Raychem RPG has a dedicated and specialized team for working on Concrete CP Projects.