CP System for Remote Monitoring using SCADA facility

Raychem RPG has successfully Design, Engineered and Commissioned number of RMCP-System for many projects. The ICCP-System given for Storage Tanks, Mounded Storage Bullets and cross-country Pipelines was control and monitor through PLC + SCADA configuration having following benefits.
RMCP-System consists of PLC+SCADA configuration, communicating through Fiber Optic Cable on Ethernet port.
It is PC base User Friendly system with Data acquisition for generating number of reports, which can be access and print as and when required.
RMCP-System can generate E-mail, when fault occur in ICCP-System, also it will send SMS to responsible person for taking corrective action.
The SCADA-PC software shall give CP process representation in Pictorial & Graphical view in number of screen shots, which will be very easy to operate.