CP System for Storage Tank Bottom Plates |MMO Anodes

Corrosion protection for tanks being used for storage of oil and petroleum products is crucial. The surface of storage vessel in contact with soil is prone to corrosion.
As corrosion taking place in buried surface causes formation of pits and holes in the surface. Material stored in these vessels may start leaking without getting noticed. This leads to loss of material and increasing chances of hazards in the system.
Cathodic protection is provided to surface in contact with soil i.e. bottom plate for tanks and bullets.
Cathode protection anodes can be distributed under the tank bottom to optimize the distribution of cathodic protection current. At the same time, permanent reference cells can also be placed under the tank to provide for accurate system adjustment and monitoring.
Cathodic Protection for these structures could be provided using following type of anodes:
Long line polymer anodes – anodeflexTM
MMO Ribbon Anode
MMO Wire Anode
MMO Tubular Anode
High Silicon Iron Anode
Raychem RPG has experience of providing cathodic protection using all of these mythologies.