Cathodic Protection-Pipeline Integrity Survey

Corrosion prevention of buried structures and pipelines by cathodic protection technology is an established technique, which requires regular monitoring to ensure effectiveness. Ensuring the integrity of oil and gas pipelines and structures requires specialist monitoring with sophisticated hardware and software.
Raychem RPG is market leaders in the field of specialist inspection and monitoring with a proven track record. Cathodic protection survey is a core area of expertise with an extensive client base covering a worldwide market. Raychem RPG offers a complete CP Survey service to ensure the integrity of pipelines and structures. This service is based on proven technology with further developed hardware and software to meet industry and legislative requirements and experienced engineers.
CP Surveys allow a system’s ability to resist/avoid corrosion to be monitored, and any corrosion issues to be remedied before the onset of major failure.
Raychem RPG has developed a survey team of a very high technical caliber. The team provides the expertise to acquire, analyze and report data as required by our clients, while conforming to the highest safety standards.Raychem RPG also manage an extensive database of historical data which can be used to monitor CP trends to identify areas on interest throughout the design life of CP systems.
Raychem RPG’s Cathodic Protection Services are able to provide this high quality, cost effective service through a combination of proven technology and world leading engineering capability.
Health Monitoring Survey
Underground structures need to be checked for their healthiness, as well as, to identify the need of protective measures for extending its life.
Current Drainage Survey
PSP Profile Survey
CP Survey
Raychem RPG has expertise in carrying out following surveys:
Post commissioning Survey
Current Interruption Potential Logging (CIPL)
Direct Current Voltage Gradient (DCVG)
Current Attenuation Test (CAT)
Pearson Survey
Interference Survey
Soil Resistivity Survey
Bell Hole Inspection
Coating Rehabilitation