Domestic LPG & PNG Leak Detector

Only detector available which is kitchen platform panel mountable
100% more effective than competing products in terms of ability to detect LPG
Additionally it can also detect heat, very useful features for kitchens
Automatic Calibration at the desired level of LEL (Usually 10% of LEL)
GLD-S-R suitable for following applications
  – Pantries
  – Home Kitchens
Wide detecting scope
Highly stable with long life
Fast response and high sensitivity
Used for detection of LPG Gas
S+ 230V / 24V+
S- N / GND
NO Normal Open
C Common
NC Normal Close
*A 485+
*B 485-
Response time Instant
Operating Temp. 0oC – 60oC
Operating Humidity < 98% RH
Input supply 24 VDC
Max power consumption 2.5 W
Relay Alarm Type
Dimensions 110x110x40 (mm)
Weight 135 grams
Insert Plug into AC power mains
Device healthy status is indicated by Green LED
Whenever there is a leakage, Alert is indicated by buzzer sound and Red LED will turn ON
Immediately close gas valve to avoid further leakage