Pipeline Protection Products

Raychem RPG is total solution provider company in the field of Pipeline corrosion management and Coating Prevention.Corrosion is the deterioration of materials by chemical interaction with their environment.
Raychem RPG, market leader in India, is premier solution provider Single Point Stop, for corrosion management of pipeline and protection of coatings in varied environment and condition.
Having a vast range of product line, dedicated in providing technology based premium quality product and services in field of Pipeline Corrosion protection.
Our technical service is fully equipped to cater distinct needs of customers, providing on-site training on application of varied products.
Raychem RPG – Pipeline Division is actively engaged in area of
Pipeline Coatings – Field Coatings – Onshore / Offshore, Bend Coating, Casing end Seal, Epoxy Coating
Technical services- Training & Education cell
Rehabilitation – In service Charged Pipeline Rehab
Pipe handling – Rockshield, Casing Insulator, Protection Mesh
Protection to Primary Pipeline Coating – Warning Mat / Tape, Warning Mesh
PU coating / Polyurethane Coatings
Pipeline anti corrosing tape coatings
Wrapping coating
Cold appled tapes
Food grad epoxy
Portable water pipe lining
Non toxic epoxy lining