Coating Installation – Services

Coating Installation
We provide complete supervision, installation and testing of anti corrosive coating system
Coating installation using following technology:
Heat shrink sleeve
P.E. Cold applied tape
Liquid epoxy coating
Coating of pipeline/joint/bend/tee/fitting/valves.
Internal lining using liquid epoxy coatings.
Rehabilitation / Repair of 3LPE/FBE/CTE/3LPP coated pipeline.
Pipeline anti corrosing tape coatings
Wrapping coating
Polyurethane Coatings
Cold applied tapes
Leader in professional, industry oriented qualification solutions for anti corrosive treatment in the field of training & education.
We provide training to the various users of anti corrosive coating as per project specification to improve people part of productivity and quality. Our approach is Competency-based-getting people fit for industry norms.