Battery Charger Manufacturers-Industrial Applications

Raychem RPG manufactures high quality Battery Chargers for industrial applications which are critical to the functioning of several key industries like Substation, Power Plant, Telecommunications, Oil & Gas, Cement, Steel, Railways, Automotive, Chemical, etc.
Raychem RPG Battery Chargers are complete, all-in-one unit, which are rugged and known for its reliability. The units are manufactured on field proven designs, using high rating components for life-long operation. The unit are customized according to customer’s specifications. They are also designed for easy installation and operation, keeping them user friendly and maintenance free.
Product Range
Thyristorized Industrial Battery Charger
Cell Booster
Battery Charge Discharge System
Charger- cum-Regenerative Discharger
Float cum Boost (FCBC)
Float and Boost (FC & BC)
Dual Float cum Boost (Dual FCBC)
Float & Float cum Boost (FC & FCBC)
Application / Customer specific configuration
Market Segments
Thermal & Power
Oil & Gas
Metallurgical Operation
Consultants / Contractors
Telecom (Land Line/WLL, GSM Towers, etc.)
Product Range:
Input Voltage – Single Phase or Three Phase
Output Voltage – 12V / 24V / 48V / 110V / 220V / 360V as per customer requirement.
Output Current – upto 3000A or as per customer requirement.