High Capacity Battery Charger for Submarine

Technical Specifications Of Mobile Battery Charging Rectifier
Supply ,Installation and Commissioning of 02 in Nos. Mobile Battery Charging Rectifier Trailer mounted for provisioning of Battery Charging Rectifier Trailer mounted for provisioning of battery Charging of submarines. The battery Charging Rectifier of 1.65 MW capacity should be mounted inside the container separately with the following specifications:
Battery Charger Specifications
Voltage :240-550 Volts (Stepless)
Current : 30 to 3000 Amps (Max)
Ripple: Less than 3 % of Rated Output and at nominal AC Input Voltage
Regulation: +-1% of rated value 3000 Amps
Cooling: Forced Air Cooling
Insulation: Class F
Operating Mode: Constant Voltage and Constant Current
Rectifier: 3 phase Full Wave Fully Controlled 12 Pulse Rectifier
Output Adjustment : Thyristor Phase Control
Bus Bars: Copper Bus Bar Suitably Spaced for the Battery Charger
Parallel Operations: Parallel Operation is not Required
Maximum Dimension: 7 m * 2.5 m * 4m excluding Trailer Height
Weight: As per design
Input Voltage to Charger: I/P Voltage -415V+- 10%,3 phase,3 wire Input Source-Transformer 2.5 MVA, Configuration : Delta –Star (DYn 11), 11 -6.6 KV /415 +-10%,Impedence -5 to 6%,Frequency -50 HZ +- 2%,Short ckt current 50 KA, Distance between source & Charger 200 Mtrs max.
Output Breaker Details: O/P Breaker should be a DC isolator of capacity 4000 Amps with designed tripping CKT to trip with delay of 10 seconds of Incoming ACB in all conditions
Operating Conditions: Max. Ambient Temperature -50degree C Max.Humidity -90% (Non-condensing with max. Ambient Temperature not occurring simultaneously) Attitude- Less than 1000 mtrs above MSL.
Harmonics: Less than 3% Current Harmonics
Protection: (aa) DV/DT Protection for thyristors
(ab) Rectifier Fuse ( Line Sides)
(ac) Thermostat for over temperature protection of Transformer and devices
Operation: Local and Manual
Cable termination: Input cable and Output Cable termination arrangement should be at rear and front side of trolley.Input and output cable of size 240 sqmm flexible EBXL/PVC will be provided by User.