High Current Rectifier

Raychem RPG manufactures high quality High Current Rectifiers (HCR) required for industrial applications critical to the functioning of several key industries like Oil & Gas, Cement, Steel, Thermal & Power, Railways, Chlorination, Automotive, Chemical, etc.
HCR is a complete, all-in-one unit, which is rugged and known for its reliability. The unit can be customized according to customer´s specifications.
Product Features:
Type of Control
Variac Control (stepless)
Working of the rectifier can be controlled using stepless motorized variac; output controlled from zero to the rated value.
Thyristor Control Rectifier
Output can be controlled using thyristors at primary or secondary of the transformer. It can be provided with 6, 12 or 24 pulse configuration.
Insulator Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) Control / IGBT Based SMPS Series
Type of Cooling
Natural/forced air-cooled
Oil cooled
Water cooled
Digital Controller
Analog Controller
  The transformer is used to step down the input supply. They are available in both, Oil-cooled and Air-cooled/Forced Cooled, Dry type transformers, both VPI and CRT, are also available.
Product Range:
  Input Voltage – 415V / 6.6KV / 11KV / 22KV
  Output Voltage – upto 10000 V DC or as per customer requirement.
  Output Current – upto 50KA or as per customer requirement.
Electro Plating   Electro Chlorination
Electro Cleaning   Electro Slug
Hydrogenation   Electrolysis
Electro winning   Anchoring application
Electro Phoretic   Motor Testing
Electro Dip   Coil Heating
Reactor   Degaussing
Engine Testing