Mobile Battery Charging Rectifier

Input Supply: 415V ± 15%, 50Hz ± 5%, 3 Phase 4 Wire AC Supply
Output Voltage: 220 to 400V DC
Output Current: 125 to 2000A DC
Ripple: Less than 3% RMS at rated output and nominal AC input
Regulation: ± 1% of rated value
Cooling: Forced Air Cooled
Insulation: Class F
Operating Mode: Constant Voltage or Constant Current
Duty Cycle: Continuous
Rectifier Type: 3 phase full wave fully controlled 12 pulse rectifier
Bus Bars: Copper bus bars of suitable size
Output breaker: DC isolator of capacity 3640A with remote tripping
Protections: Output under voltage
Output over voltage
Output over current
Heatsink Over Temperature
Transformer Over Temperature
Dv/dt protection for thyristors (RC snubber circuit)
Rectifier fuse (Line side)
Environmental Conditions:
Maximum Ambient Temperature 50oC
Maximum Humidity 90% (Non-condensating with maximum Ambient Temperature not occurring simultaneously)
Altitude Less than 1000 meters above MSL
Harmonics: 6 to 7% with passive Harmonic Filters
Operation: Local and Manual
Cable Termination:
Input cable termination from front bottom
Output cable termination from rear bottom
Mounting: Trolley with Canopy and lifting hooks