Mobile DC Rectifier-Technical Specification

Input Supply: 415V ± 15%, 50Hz ± 5%, 3 Phase 4 Wire AC Supply
Output Voltage: 220 to 400V DC
Output Power: 400KW maximum
Output Current: 1000A DC maximum
Ripple: Less than 5% RMS at rated output and at nominal AC input
Harmonics: 6 to 7% with passive Harmonic Filters
Regulation: ± 1% of rated value
Cooling: Forced Air Cooled
Insulation: Class F
Duty Cycle: Continuous
Rectifier Type: 3 phase full wave fully controlled 12 pulse rectifier
Bus Bars: Copper bus bars of suitable size
Output breaker: 2000A Air Circuit Breaker
Number of feeders: 05 numbers MCCB of 400A each
Protections: Output under voltage
Output over voltage
Output over current
Input under voltage
Input over voltage
Input Phase Fail
Input Phase Reversal
Heatsink Over Temperature
Fuse failure
Environmental Conditions:
Operating Temperature 0 to 50oC
Storage Temperature 10 to 70oC
Humidity: 2 to 90% RH Non Condensation Type
Mounting: Trolley with Canopy and lifting hooks