Reactors (Air Core Reactors)

Air core reactors are wound on nonmagnetic material coil forms and do not use a magnetic core. This result in lower inductance compared with ferromagnetic core coils. Providing linear response of impedance versus current, they are used in many different applications.

We offer vide ranges from aluminum and copper wire to foiling. We use F or H class insulations to ensure that our products can withstand high temperatures. Cooling alternatives include liquid circulation (direct and indirect) and cooling by free or forced air circulation. Our products are available in vacuum impregnated and cast resin coils.

Features & Advantages :

  • Epoxy impregnated, fiberglass-encapsulated construction
  • Aluminum construction throughout with all current carrying connections
  • Foil or Conductor can be used
  • Robust design & Reliability
  • Vacuum impregnated for improved penetration of the resin & higher environmental protection

Segments Supply :

  • Transmission & Distribution Systems
  • Oil & Gas
  • Hydro Power Plant