Auto Transformers

An autotransformer has its primary and secondary connected to each other electrically. A portion of the energy in an autotransformer comes from this connection while the balance comes directly from the supply.

An autotransformer is a tapped winding transformer that changes the voltage available locally to the voltage required by a particular load. Thus, a load may operate anywhere around the world, as long as a transformer is available to convert the local voltage to the voltage it requires.

We offer a wide range of products for single phase as well as three phase transformers considering transport limitations.

Features & Advantages :

  • Its efficiency is more when compared with the conventional one.
  • Its size is relatively very smaller.
  • Voltage regulation of autotransformer is much better.
  • Lower cost
  • Low requirements of excitation current.

Segments Supply :

  • Power Stations
  • Industries
  • Railways