Converter Duty Transformers

Raychem RPG offers converter transformers these are designed for one or more output windings connected to the rectifier loads.

We offer these transformers suitable for 3pulse, 6pulse/12pulse/18pulse drive configurations.It is possible to make major changes in the output current and voltage by using a transformer with a different rectifier configuration. The transformers are available in the range upto 10MVA and voltage capacity upto 33kV.

Features & Advantages :

  • Low power loss and low noise
  • Shock proof nature
  • Equivalent rating calculation considering overloading and Harmonics
  • Designed for reduced harmonics
  • Design feature of EMI/Surge blockage
  • Earth shield between HV & LV windings to isolate the harmonic distortion

Segments Supply :

  • Renewable energy (Solar & Wind)
  • Industries (Sugar, Textile, cement, steel & Automobile)
  • Railways
  • OEMs