Drive Duty Transformers upto 11kV (OFT & VPI)

Drives duty or converter Transformer are multi pulse, multi winding rectifier Transformers for Motor Drives applications. The number of secondary windings can be 9, 12, 15, 18 and each secondary winding feeds a power cell containing a six pulse diode rectifier with a large DC filter capacitor.

This transformer provide 18-pulse or better input voltage along with harmonic cancellation. This combination ensures power factor upto 0.95 and above and harmoic distortion below 4%.

Features & Advantages :

  • No harmonic line filters or power factor compensation required
  • 5 MVA transformer can be used as 5MW load without any over rating
  • Adjustable speed and torque
  • Cab be supplied upto 11kV
  • Can be supplied upto 48 pulse Harmonics

Segments Supply :

  • All OEMs (Siemens, GE, TMEIC, Hitachi and End users)