Ester Fluid Transformers

With the Safety and environmental protection Raychem RPG has been developed the Ester fluid Transformers for reducing the Pollution risks. Ester fluids are inherently for higher flash points which makes ideal for outdoor transformers from fire safety point of view. Another significant advantage is bio degradability of nature of ester fluids. Which makes a environmentally friendly and thus green transformers can be produced which are environmentally friendly. Natural ester fluids are manufactured from vegetable oils, sunflower oils, rapeseed oil and soyabean oil.

Technical specification :

  • Rating
  • Voltage Class
  • Frequency
  • No of Phase
  • Cooling
  • Insulating fluid
  • Winding Material
  • Tapping
  • Impedence
  • Applicable Standards
  • Upto 630kVA
  • Upto 11kV
  • 50 Hz
  • 3
  • ONAN
  • Ester fluids
  • Copper / Aluminum
  • Off Circuit tap switch / On Load Tap Changer
  • As per requirement
  • IS, IEC, ANSI,BS, AS, SABS etc.,

Features & Advantages :

  • Bio degradable
  • Flash & fire point greater than 300 deg C
  • Better thermal characteristics, low thermal coefficient of expansion, thermal conductivity compared to mineral oil
  • Better solution for retro filling to improve fire safety
  • Ester fluiddoes not contain petroleum, halogens, silicon’s, sulphurs
  • Stronly hygroscopic can absorb large amount of moisture while retaining its insulation property
  • Better heat transfer
  • Reduce carbon footprints, nontoxic & renewable
  • Reduce liability reserves,insurance premiums,and routine & maintenance requirements

Segments Supply :

  • Utilities
  • Small & Medium scale industries