Furnace Transformers

Raychem RPG offers various types of Furnace transformers like Arc furnace, Induction arc, Submerged arc, Rectifier duty & Ladle furnace transformers.

These transformers are rigidly designed to withstand repeated short – circuit conditions and high thermal stress and to be protected from operational voltages resulting from the arc process. The furnace transformer supplying power to furnace has to handle extremely high value currents in the order of kAmps depending upon furnace ratings.

Features & Advantages :

  • High currents as compared to Conventional transformers
  • Suitable for large voltage variation
  • Can withstand the harmonics generated due to furnace operation
  • Can be provided with ONAN, ONWF
  • Can be provided with Off circuit tap changer and On load tap changer
  • Direct or indirect regulation

Segments Supply :

  • Steel plant
  • Rolling mills
  • Industries (Cement, Steel, Mining etc.,)