grounding / earthing transformers

Raychem has developed the common power ratings in Oil immersed and Dry type cast resin transformers.

It is a special – purpose transformer with a Zigzag or interconnected star winding connection, such each output is the vector sum of two phases offset by 120°. When a neutral earthing is required in a 3 phase system and no suitable neutral is available, a neutral earthing to be provided by using a Grounding transformer.

Grounding transformers areavailable for continuous operation or short – time operation depending upon site requirements.

Features & Advantages :

  • Vector groups are zigzag or wye/delta
  • Cheaper than Star – Delta transformers and Scott – Tee
  • Suppression of Third Harmonic
  • No phase Displacement
  • Artificial Neutral can be created with this type of transformer

Segments Supply :

  • Industries
  • EHV Substations